Catholics dating muslims

The "Islamic State" will not stop at the Turkish or Saudi border. Abu Sayyeff will not stop in the Philippines, and Al Shabaab will not stop with Somalia. The United States has legitimized or accepted every form of vice imaginable.In fact, the world seems to be on the brink of a global Islamic uprising that will not only include the active, militant movements that exist across Africa and Asia, but may soon include outbursts of activity in Europe and the Americas. Christians are being murdered around the world at a rate unprecedented in history. America itself is the Great Satan, and we're going to have a very hard time arguing that point because the United States is quite evil. - Americans consume more drugs than any other civilization on the planet.

A monotheistic Arabian group called the Sabians recited “La ilaha illallah” (“There is no god but Allah”) as their confession of faith.Americans worship celebrities and the dollar, not God or Allah, and we grow obese on rich foods. How can we expect to command respect or instill fear in our enemies when we're too cowardly to face an enemy man-to-man?We restrict the military to using drones and cruise missiles instead of meeting the jihadist face-to-face, a strategy that has never worked in all the ages of asymmetrical warfare.According to these people, the terrorists are the extremists and Islam is a religion of peace. The militants are responding to the kafir (non-Muslims) as directed by the Quran. No, the banner of Islam is intended for all nations, all the world.And if enticements of paradise don't work, then that banner should be raised with the help of the sword. The extremists are the liberal Muslims who think Islam has little business spreading itself by violence.

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Even the president of Iran found this cowardice worthy of ridicule. Americans are craven, cowardly, obese, slovenly devils that deserve no mercy after decades of policies that have persecuted Muslims around the world.

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