Difference between domestic dating violence

Difference between domestic dating violence

Domestic violence -- also called dating violence, intimate partner abuse, spousal abuse, intimate partner violence, and domestic abuse -- takes many forms.

Maltreatment that takes place in the context of any romantic relationship is abuse as described by the above specific terms.

Spiritual abusers either force the victim to participate in the batterer's religious practices instead of their own or to raise mutual children in a religion that the victim is not in favor of.

Stalking refers to repeatedly harassing and threatening behavior, including showing up at the victim's home or workplace, placing harassing phone calls, voicemail, email or postal mail messages, leaving unwanted items, or vandalizing the victim's property.

This abuse puts victims in danger of practicing risky sexual behavior, unhealthy eating, drug use, and suicidal behaviors. Child custody determinations in cases involving intimate partner violence: a human rights analysis. "Support groups for women with abusive partners: a review of the empirical evidence." National Resource Center on Domestic Violence.

Types of domestic abuse include physical, verbal (also called emotional, mental, or psychological abuse), sexual, economic/financial, and spiritual abuse. GLBT Domestic Violence: Similarities and Differences.

Stalking and cyber-stalking are also forms of intimate partner abuse.

It is usually committed by perpetrators of other forms of domestic violence.

Domestic violence is a major public-health problem in that it affects millions of people and often results in physical and emotional injuries and even deaths.

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Other complications can include physical injury and death. American Journal of Public Health 2004 June: 94(6): 951-957.

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