Ssis package not updating database

Ssis package not updating database

I have to use a new account, on a new domain, as the admin account associated with my roxy, Package Executor.When I created a new Credential for the new Admin account and associated it with Package Executor, I started to get the following error when I tried to run one of my SQL jobs as a test: Unable to start execution of step 1 (reason: Error authenticating proxy *Domain\Admin_Account*@**, system error: Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.). If I'm understanding this reasonably explicit error, what it's telling me is that the Credential accounts, associated with my proxy is in correct. I know that this account is legitimate-- I've already associated it with every associated server group, I've made it a sysadmin user on the server. To be clear, I haven't mis-typed the account name or the password associated with the Proxy Credential. Resolution method #1 is what I've been doing for years.Package Executer is associated with a SQL Credential that was a former domain admin account.Soon, the domain associated with this admin account is going to be shutdown.In short, instead of using SSMS on my PC, I remoted into the server logging in with the account associated with the new credential.I removed the cred, created it again (this time SS didn't at the and then I attempted a test execution of one of the jobs. Apparently this changed something and helped SS resolve the account.

To prevent log files from using large amounts of disk space, or to avoid excessive logging, which could degrade performance, you can limit logging by selecting specific events and information items to log.Just in case others have gotten here for the same reason.Make sure that the account your proxy/credential is using is a user in its default database in SQL Security.I modelli possono essere quindi applicati in più pacchetti.Quando si configura un output di errore errori nel flusso di dati, per impostazione predefinita l'output di errore fornisce solo l'identificatore numerico della colonna in cui si è verificato l'errore.È possibile utilizzare tali voci per salvare informazioni dettagliate su stato di esecuzione, risultati e problemi, tramite la registrazione di eventi predefiniti o messaggi definiti dall'utente da analizzare in un secondo momento.

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Per l'attività Invia messaggi è ad esempio disponibile la voce di log personalizzata Send Mail Task Begin , che registra informazioni quando l'attività viene avviata, ma prima che invii un messaggio di posta elettronica.

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