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The more responsibility taken at lower levels in the recycling chain, the better the national outcome will be.

Consumer interest is a great way to get recycling programs started in communities.

One way to increase recycling is to increase curbside segregated collection and then recovery of materials.

At present: One of the best ways to improve United States recycling statistics is to start at the state level and filter down to the community level and home level.

The present recycling rate of 34% needs to be increased.

The Economist in 2015 found that supply is not enough to meet the demand for recycled plastics and other materials.

The amount and percentage of each type recovered are: Composting and recycling are the two methods of material recovery.

Eighty-five percent of this was destined for the landfill where it takes up 5% of the space according to the Council for Textile Recycling.

The 15% was recovered through donation or recycling.

Recycling helped recovery of 64.7 MT of MSW as stated in the EPA fact sheet (p. Besides recovery, 32.7 MT (or 13% of MSW) were combusted for energy according to EPA (p. Recovery of waste by the type of waste is also tracked by various agencies. There are many ways in which it is recycled according to a 2015 Post-Consumer Food EPA report.

Food waste refers to post-consumer waste from restaurant, grocery, and household food, and excludes preconsumer food from food processing facilities, agricultural operations, or other industrial processes.

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8), iron accounted for 17.55 MT (or 6.9% of total waste), aluminium 3.5 MT (or 1.4%) and other metals for two MT (or 0.8%).

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